Beginning Islamic Sentences for Copywork

These are some English sentences (with Islamic topics) I made up for my six year old to copy. 

  • 52 sentences for copying, arranged by number of words in each sentence.
  • Primer ruled (block print).

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Being Merciful CopyWork

Bukhari Hadith on Being MercifulMerciful








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Ramadan Copywork

I’ve posted some copywork selections related to Ramadan over at the Talibiddeen Jr. Homeschooling Blog. There are two versions, one for younger students and one for older students. Stop by:

for more details and to download one or both versions.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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Bismillah Copywork

Simple copywork selection of the word bismillah in English and one in Arabic


English: is_copywork-bismillah


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Names of Salat & Names of 5 Prophets of Allah

Copywork made by UmmUmar.  BarakAllah fiki Ohti



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Madina Arabic Reader worksheets

I made another worksheet for the second part for Book 1 of Madinah Arabic Reader. And I also changed the worksheet that I made before for the first part of Book 1 of Madinah Arabic Reader.

I really liked this new method of making worksheets. Have a look yourself inshaAllah.




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“Pre Made” Arabic Text for Quraan copywork

One of our Islamic Copywork members suggested the following site for Quraanic text for copywork:

Instead of having to type in ayaat from scratch, you should be able to copy and paste the text from this site as text and manipulate it as text (changing the size, font, etc).


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