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Surah Names Copywork

Useful to use as you study a new surah.

Copy the name of the surah in English and/or Arabic:

So far, only Fatihah 🙂




Insha Allah more to follow in the near future.


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Arabic Copywork: “Ants”

Two Quraan copywork selections to practice Arabic handwriting. In the English translation, the term ant is used, though not in the actual ayaat.

Ayaat 99:7-8, 4:40. la_arabic_handwriting_ayaat_animals_ant (PDF)

Both include  additional grammar/vocabulary activities, lines for writing.

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Ant Themed Copywork/Pride/The Hour

A set of four selections (3 from the Quraan and 1 hadith) mentioned the ant.  Each selection includes teaching ideas if you want to use copywork for more than handwriting practice.  Includes space for writing. With clip art.  One ayaah discusses pride as well and one discusses “The Hour”

copywork-islamic-ants-hour-pride  (PDF) 9 pages


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